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Recent posts
by hurant
in 12/8/2011 23:29
Topic: Ratray
I sent a picture with an explanation on the modification I made to my ...
by james peran
in 12/8/2011 16:12
Topic: Ratray
Hurant.can we have some pic,s please. Interested how you modifyed t...
by leewwalton
in 12/8/2011 10:31
Topic: New Thorp Forum
You guys are going to be none-too-pleased over the next several days! ...
by leewwalton
in 12/8/2011 07:38
Topic: Flight Ready
Don, if you plan on flying Friday I can be there at daybreak. I'd be h...
by hurant
in 12/8/2011 07:21
Topic: Ratray
I weighed my Rattray cowling and wheel pants a while back and didn't c...
by cgifly2
in 12/7/2011 23:19
Topic: Ratray
Thanks for the welcome. Thats fair enough, I have the glass on aluminu...
by dondday
in 12/7/2011 21:12
Topic: Flight Ready
Marty flies for American and will be flying to Boston on Friday won't ...
by leewwalton
in 12/7/2011 13:06
Topic: Newsletter Archive
up to 30.
by fytrplt
in 12/7/2011 05:43
Topic: Ratray
Skeet, Welcome back! The main argument against the Ratray cowl is ...
by cgifly2
in 12/6/2011 23:48
Topic: Ratray
Am doing a rebuild on 7077J it had 160TT and I could not live with it ...
by dondday
in 12/6/2011 21:16
Topic: Flight Ready
Well Les, It has to be some of that foreign in me coming out. Some ...
by dondday
in 12/6/2011 21:11
Topic: Flight Ready
Frase, Hate to know she'll cut anything off of you. Uou can tell h...
by james peran
in 12/6/2011 20:32
Topic: Flight Ready
Fraze Its time to trade her in for a new model. i did. J.P
by Fraser MacPhee
in 12/6/2011 19:59
Topic: Flight Ready
Don - She Hoo Eye Wership saw that last panel picture and told me if s...
by leewwalton
in 12/6/2011 14:25
Topic: Newsletter Archive
up to 20 now!
by leewwalton
in 12/6/2011 13:03
Topic: Newsletter Archive
Ok guys I'm finally putting my money where my mouth is! I've starte...
by ljkrume
in 12/6/2011 12:24
Topic: Flight Ready
"Clank had been in the business of making props for over twenty-five y...
by leewwalton
in 12/6/2011 11:35
Topic: Flight Ready
Yes! Make sure Marty flies his Thorp and the not RV ... we can't have ...
by dondday
in 12/6/2011 11:34
Topic: Flight Ready
I agree with you 300% (is there such a thing) with the idea of a Thorp...
by dondday
in 12/6/2011 11:22
Topic: Flight Ready
Thanks Rich, It appears the weather will be in the 50s with mostly ...
by leewwalton
in 12/6/2011 10:09
Topic: Main Site Updates - New Forum
I've added a Gallery of pics and videos to the new site. One gallery w...
by fbeeman
in 12/6/2011 07:54
Topic: Fred Beeman - Progress as of 9/2011
Thanks Rich. I am still referencing the photo's you sent me early on.
by leewwalton
in 12/6/2011 06:31
Topic: Flight Ready
I'm hoping I can make it up there for the big event, need a Thorp to f...
by leewwalton
in 12/6/2011 06:27
Topic: From "About the Thorp"
I agree, I John is right on the "sum of the parts" making Thorp's desi...
by bfinney
in 12/5/2011 21:59
Topic: Flight Ready
Nice looking ship Don. I like the T18 graphic on the tail. As far ...
by Rich Brazell
in 12/5/2011 21:57
Topic: Flight Ready
I like those ground dollies for the folding wing ! Please elaborate wh...
by Rich Brazell
in 12/5/2011 21:52
Topic: Flight Ready
Beautilful looking ship ! Can't rush the WX ! Been there done that. ...
by fulcrumflyer
in 12/5/2011 21:49
Topic: From "About the Thorp"
Lee, Thanks for the link to the patent. I'm sure he developed his ant...
by leewwalton
in 12/5/2011 21:09
Topic: From "About the Thorp"
I'm sure you're right John/Spanky .. I was visualizing the canard on t...
by jrevens
in 12/5/2011 20:48
Topic: From "About the Thorp"
I could be wrong, but I think, perhaps, that the Wright Flyers had ele...
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Old Posts Canopy
Installation and maintenance of the clear stuff.
17 116 11/04/2011
by: Bill Williams Jump to Last Post
Subject: Canopy Fairing
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Old Posts Cowlings
Cowling talk here.
7 45 12/08/2011
by: hurant Jump to Last Post
Subject: Ratray
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Old Posts Fuselage & Empennage
Fuselage & Empennage talk here.
30 159 11/12/2011
by: leewwalton Jump to Last Post
Subject: Rudder cables
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Old Posts In the Air
T-18 Flight Characteristics, Flight training etc.
30 136 10/25/2011
by: lance38dt Jump to Last Topic
Subject: speed mod
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Old Posts Landing Gear
Main and tail gear talk here.
27 251 11/30/2011
by: BobMoe Jump to Last Post
Subject: tailspring
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Old Posts Trim Systems
Pitch, Roll ... Electric or Manual.
6 64 11/28/2011
by: leewwalton Jump to Last Post
Subject: elect. flaps
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Old Posts Wing
Wing talk here.
23 117 11/20/2011
by: Jim Mantyla Jump to Last Topic
Subject: Leading Edge radius
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Old Posts Projects
Put your progect progress pics here!
5 55 12/08/2011
by: leewwalton Jump to Last Post
Subject: Flight Ready
Photo Album
  Thorp T-18 Mutual Aid Society Photo Album
Thorp Specs/Comparison

T-18 S-18 RV-6 RV-7 Mustang II
Length 18'11 19'4 20'2 20'3.5 19'6
Wing Span *** 20'10 20'10 23'0 25'0 24'4
Cabin Width 38 40 43 43 40
Wing Area (ft sq.) 86 86 110 120 97
Wing Loading at Gross Wt (lb/ft sq.) 18.6 18.6 15 15 16.5
Empty Weight 925 950 1050 1130 1050
Gross Weight 1650 1650 1650 1800 1600
Useful Load 725 700 600 670 550
VNE (mph) 210 210 210 230 230
Cruise Speed 75%8000ft * 201 201 199 199 200
Max Speed at SL (mph) * 210 210 205 205 210
Stall Speed (mph) 67/63 62/58 62/55 63/58 62/58
Hp Range 125-180 150-180 150-180 150-200 160-200
Fuel Capacity 29 29 38 42 25
Fuel Capacity (er tanks) 60 60 48 52 61
Range (sm) 590 590 705 775 550
Range (sm) (er tanks) 1200 1200 905 905 1200
Endurance ** 2.6 2.6 3.6 4.1 2.2
Endurance (er tanks) ** 6.1 6.1 4.7 5.1 6.2
* All speeds stated assume 180HP
** Enduranace figures consider 30 min reserve at 9 GPH
*** S-18/T-18C Width with wings stowed in folded position 7'4" (89 in.)
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